12th, 13th & 14th October, 2018

Beginning in 2015, the focus of the “Ignite Your Mind” Burdekin Readers’ and Writers’ Festival has always been to bring together Australia’s best authors so residents and visitors could enjoy an intimate weekend of words, while also enjoying the delights of our beautiful region.
This tradition and focus continues to this day as we prepare for another amazing festival this October.

Authors Coming to Our 2018 Festival

Michael Robotham

Crime Writer

Holly Wainwright

Journalist, Blogger, Author

Matthew Condon

Journalist & Author

Fiona McCallum


Tess Woods

Romance Author

David Hunt

Author, Satirist & Historian

Caroline Overington

Investigative Journalist, Crime Fiction Author

Chris Masters

Investigative Journalist, Author

Natasha Lester

Fiction Author

Warren Mundine

Aboriginal Advocate, Advisor & Author

Allison Tait

Freelance Writer, Blogger, Children's & Non-Fiction Author

Melina Marchetta

Fiction Author

Jacqueline Harvey


Michael Gerard Bauer

Children's & Fiction Writer

Oliver Phommavanh

Young Adult Writer

Shannon Horsfall

Writer & Graphic Artist

Jay Laga'aia

Actor, Children's Entertainer & Author

Stephen Roche

Author & Lawyer

Emeritus Professor Roland Sussex

World- Renowned Linguist

Bubbles for Bloggers

Bubbles & Canapes followed by Coffee & Desert with author, blogger and journalist Holly Wainwright as she chats with Leah Stirton about unpacking the themes of how social media affects the psyche of the everyday 30+ female.
How the constant subconscious compares itself with others daily with the simple opening of an app and how the need  to “keep up with the Kardashian’s” (never mind the Jones’) has become a persistent battle for the mind, wallet and the foundation of the family unit.

How often do you get the opportunity to mix and mingle with some of Australia’s leading Authors?  

2018 Ignite Your Mind Burdekin Readers’ & Writers’ Festival is the third literary festival to be staged in the region.
This festival will entertain, stimulate and inspire your love of reading and writing.
Three days of Workshops and Author Sessions will provide the chance to listen to these Authors talk about their books and their personal journeys as writers.
Take the opportunity to meet, ask questions of, and hone your writing skills under the guidance of these Authors.
Friday night’s Spanish Festa in the forecourt of the Burdekin Theatre, will present a further chance to chat and wine and dine with this great line up of Writing Artists.

Short Story Writing Competition

Fancy yourself as a writer?
Inspired by previous festivals?
Why not enter our Short Story Writing Competition!

All entries must be a work of fiction and are limited to 3000 words.
They can be on any theme or subject, but must be original and not previously published in any form.

Prizes awarded to the top two submissions

East Ayr State School

Our Minds are Ignited! As part of the Burdekin Readers’ and Writers’ Ignite Your Mind Festival East Ayr State School was proud to offer students a chance to engage with two successful published speakers and writers, Michael Gerard Bauer and Jacqueline Harvey. The...

Oliver Phommanvanh

SOMETHING IN THE AYR………… I can tick off another region on my Australia map, thanks to the Burdekin Readers and Writers Festival. I caught a plane with Warren Mundine from Sydney, where it was 14 degrees and flew up to Townsville where it was more than double the...

Susan Johnson

"My experience of the Burdekin Readers and Writers Festival was a moving one. People at panels were open and intimately involved with the ideas behind books, with the writers who wrote them. Remote or rural Australians often miss out on experiences common to city...

Morris Gleitzman

In 2016 I was a guest of the Ignite Your Mind Burdekin Readers and Writers Festival. In a few days I met a broad cross-section of local residents and several hundred local school students. These readers, young and old, embraced everything I offered them to enrich...

John Marsden

Having been a visiting writer at the Ignite Your Mind Festival, I have to say I was quite astonished by the fervour of the audiences to which I spoke. The audiences ranged from primary school children through secondary school students to adults, and represented...

Dr Ruth Armstrong & Helen Fielder-Gill

It was writer, Nick Earls’ twitter feed that got us to the Burdekin. The tweet, which appeared in his timeline in about April, said something like this: “It’s confirmed! Going to the Burdekin Readers and Writers Festival. Ignite your mind!” We travelled from NSW to...

Nick Earls

"From the start, the team behind the Ignite Your Mind Burdekin Readers and Writers Festival have got a great deal right. At the first festival, attending writers were unanimous in feeling that this was a festival that was well organised and running smoothly, with none...

Nicole Alexander

‘Ignite Your Mind 2015 was a fabulous festival to be a part of. This was a ‘readers festival’ in the truest sense, with a fascinating weekend program that included a mix of well-known authors as well as great entertainment. The intimacy of the event allowed a level of...

Past Festivals

BRW Is incredibly proud of the amazing line-up of Authors and Journalists who have been involved in the event since it’s inaugural year in 2015.

Click on the images below to see details of our past festivals.

Burdekin Writing Group

BRW Scratchy Scribblers Writing Group meets on the 3rd Tuesday of the month.

For those interested in joining please speak to Jaye Christensen at the Burdekin Library or phone Mickey McKellar on 0407 651 450 for information about the group.

Examples of Work from Our Members


by Leanne Green “Flairy Floss and Flerris Wheels are my favourite things at the show” Billy told his class when it was his turn to answer the teacher’s question about the show. “OK” said the teacher, “but say it again slowly and think about the words, as saying it too...

Never Again by Mickey McKellar

Never Again – What a topic! What to write about? What is it about my life that I have no real regrets and I am struggling to recall something that I would never repeat? Over the past month I have wracked my brain trying to recall something to put on paper.  Nothing...

A poem for the poets

We gathered in the Library, Ten people with an aim, And first we introduced ourselves, Explained why there we came; Nine ladies and a gentleman, All like to use a pen, A pencil or computer to Spin words together, then Share what we’ve written with a hope It might go...

Want to support the Burdekin Readers & Writers Assoc.?


We are taking donations and sponsorships to help us bring the best quality workshops to our region. If you are interested in supporting us, or sponsoring our major festival please be in touch.

Past Events

Between our major festivals we host regular meet-ups, writers workshops, book launches, author talks and more. Here is where you will find all the events we have held in the last few years.

An Evening with Dame Quentin Bryce

As Australia’s first female Governor-General, Quentin Bryce handwrote fifty or so letters each week. They were to people she had met and connected with as her role took her from palaces to outback schools, from war zones to memorials, from intimate audiences to lavish...

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