Morris Gleitzman

gleitzman-morrisMorris Gleitzman is an author of children’s and young adult fiction. He has gained recognition for sparking an interest in AIDS in his controversial novel Two Weeks with the Queen (1990).

Born in 1953 in Sleaford, Lincolnshire, England, Morris Gleitzman claims to have read every book he could get his hands on. From the classics, westerns, Enid Blyton, soccer star biographies, Richmal Crompton’s William series to recipe books (particularly the corned beef sections).

Emigrating to Australia in 1969, Gleitzman experienced a big change. The heat, the flies and the completely different tinned meats. The shock was so great he stopped reading books for nearly a year. When he took up reading again he found he also wanted to write.

Studying a course in Professional Writing, by graduation Gleitzman knew how to write everything from journalism to the jokes on the back of cornflakes packets. What he didn’t know yet, was how to write his own stories.

Ten years and eighty million comedy scripts for TV later Gleitzman slowly began to write a script that was quite different. A drama about a boy called Ben who sees the world differently to his family and friends and nearly drives them all bonkers.

While the film was being made, a publisher gave him the chance to convert the script into a book and while this was a terrifying prospect, Gleitzman cared too much about Ben to chicken out so his first book – The Other Facts Of Life was born.

Since that project, and falling in love with writing books Gleitzman has written another 34 titles.


Published Works

  • Wicked!
  • Gift of the Gab
  • Toad Rage
  • Self Helpless
  • Adults Only
  • Deadly
  • Boy Overboard
  • Toad Heaven
  • Teacher’s Pet
  • Toad Away
  • Girl Underground
  • Worm Story
  • Aristotle’s Nostril
  • Once
  • Doubting Thomas
  • Give Peas a Chance
  • Toad Surprise
  • Then
  • Grace
  • Now
  • Tickled Onions
  • Too Small to Fail
  • Pizza Cake
  • After
  • Extra Time
  • Loyal Creatures
  • Soon
  • Many more…

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